Joyce Sosa is a Venezuelan Chef and Graphic Designer with Strong Italian roots. Currently residing in the United States, Joyce Sosa pursued her Bachelors of Fine arts at the University of Miami focusing on Graphic Design and later her Culinary Associates at the Miami Culinary Institute. 

Joyce has always been involved with the Miami Culinary Institute, volunteering for Stargaire Events, being two year captain of the MCI competition Team for ACF junior student competitions and won 4 competitions held at MCI. In Joyce Sosa's journey she has focused her Culinary arts in changing the idea that healthy eating has to be boring. Since she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, a type of Hypothyroidism, she has been pursuing her ultimate goal which is to live a healthy life. This journey of healthy eating is a work in progress and her ultimate mission is to help others who are going through similar situations and inspire many people to eat healthy while cooking amazing dishes.


 She is about to embark on her last semester of school and is excited for graduation and what is the next chapter of her culinary career going to bring to her.

Meanwhile, you will find her around her culinary family at MCI, cooking at home her favorite dishes or creating new ones.